Bitcoin Casino – Higher bonuses and rewards than your average casino

With the rise of cryptocurrency usage, it was a matter of time before the bitcoin was introduced into the online casino world. When you are contemplating joining a bitcoin casino, you have two options. You can join a casino that uses cryptocurrency or bitcoin only, or you can join a more mainstream casino that offers bitcoins as one of many forms of currency options. There are advantages to joining a bitcoin casino. The main one being, there are no banking costs to the casino or the player. What this means is that the casinos can gift the savings back to the player in the form of higher bonuses and more generous rewards.

Which Bitcoin casino in the UK is the best? Well, luckily you have three of them to pick from:

1Spin Casino
2Royal Vegas
3All Slots

We will take you through many options of joining a bitcoin casino UK residents are free to play

Bitcoin gambling doesn’t have too many differences between a normal online casino. All of your favourite slots will still be available, alongside some slots that are exclusive to these casinos. You will have your favourite live table games such as roulette, baccarat, poker, dice games such as craps and many more. There are also some bitcoin casino UK venues that are linked with a sports book as well so you can control all of your betting from one location.

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It is easier to ensure fair practice when playing at an online casino bitcoin option which is important

Bitcoins with cards and chips on a laptop

One of the more positive things about betting at an online casino bitcoin option is the provably fair gambling. This is unique to bitcoin betting and basically confirms that outcomes of bets are correct. It uses a cryptographic algorithm which makes it nigh on impossible to decode. The information provided to both the casino and the player is unknown throughout. If there’s any manipulation from the casinos end the hash function changes which means the bet can’t be verified so the player can verify the bet in real time.

Another positive aspect of the casino bitcoin is that it keeps the anonymity of the player

A massive pull of the bitcoin is that it allows you to purchase items, enter the stock market and make your bets completely anonymously. This was always one of the benefits of the bitcoin and it has been carried out into the casino bitcoin format. The gambling sites will normally require an email address once you sign up but for a lot of the sites, that is all the require. Some casinos may request a little bit more information once you are making a withdrawal but this can be rare. For most of your banking transactions, any payment you make, deposits etc, an email address will suffice.

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Your best bitcoin casino will undoubtedly come down to exactly how you wish to use it , at least, that's would have said Jack from OCE. Do you require a sports book as well as a casino? Are you looking to use only bitcoin or have bitcoin available as an alternate currency option in your wallet? If you’re going to be using crypto currency alongside your normal cash options, then we need a casino that will accept both.

Make yourself familiar with any of the bitcoin casino legal information that may be important as you play

You should always be aware of any bitcoin casino legal implementations when playing something new. If you’re unsure of any aspect, from security to banking or anything else you may need help with, just check. A simple call, email or chat to the customer support team will clear up any of your hesitations immediately. An important thing to remember is although it is a new currency to use for gambling, you should still receive the same exciting experience as you would from any other online casino, just with higher bonuses and more frequent promotions. We hope this guide has been helpful, be sure to check out our other casino related articles for further assistance.

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